USA – The American Dream

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Red Reflet Ranch-Wyoming. United States: an inexhaustible dream destination! From New York to Los Angeles, from Malibu to Miami, from Chicago to Dallas…We all have images in the head of a country great as a continent. Among the clichés that make USA a dream destination, there is the myth of cowboys and of the Indians, of the buffalos and the mustangs, of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plain …This authentic piece of America that has rocked our childhood. To unpack your suitcase in the Red Reflet Ranch, is to pass from a dream to a reality which we can even touch with our finger!

Welcome to Wyoming! On the map, you can find it easily, it is, together with Colorado, one of the two completely rectangular states! Wyoming, whose capital is named Cheyenne is already a name which smells of stables and cow dung. It is bordered by the states with equally evocative names: Idaho to the west, Montana to the north, Nebraska and South Dakota from the south to the east and Colorado and Utah to the south. Wyoming is three times as large as Corsica (253,338 km2), but with only 563,000 inhabitants, making it the least populated U.S. state, with a density of 2, 2 person per km2. Nothing to get angry with its neighbours. Well, you tell me with a piece of land of about 11,000 hectares (!), the owners of Red Reflet Ranch are not bothered by their neighbourhood…

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Wyoming is a dry state, not ideal for crops, but it’s perfectly adequate for the livestock! It gets hot in the summer, between 30 ° and 40 °, and cold in the winter to -20 °. Something for everyone, tourists are fewer than at Hollywood Boulevard and all the better…The Rockies (rising to 4,000 meters) are not far away. A third of the territory is occupied by the Great Plains and the rest by the mountains. The perfect playground for the lovers of the quads and of the SSV we are! Laterite tracks carving a path between the large trees and the rocks, impressive canyons, fords, vast stretches, crossings…At the  Red Reflet Ranch there is all the land which allows to have fun without getting tired and everyone, according to its level can develop at will. Kilometres march again and again, with that feeling of freedom that only allow the large spaces… The Red Reflet Ranch offers, in addition to its hikes on four wheels, a host of activities, from fishing to snowmobile, cooking classes to learning the craft of the cowboy, everything which an area “king size” like this one allows where no constraints seem to exist. The quad is like a fish in the water. No fewer than 20 vehicles, including 4 for children are waiting for you. All equipped with winches, which sets the tone and face the Big Horn Mountains with the right resources! In the evening, the Red Reflet Ranch is hospitable and proposes what the United States do best: barbecue, raised here to the rank of religion! Thick steaks like a Michelin guide, generous and comforting fire that warms the body and the heart, a good beer, followed by another good beer…laughter, pats on the back, endless stories of quads, as the sun retreats behind the hills. Before you have time to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the gym, the tennis courts, the sauna and the friendliness of the wooden chalets where nature invites itself generously through the large windows, offering a panorama worthy of Goldwyng Meyer…while parading images of an unforgettable day on a quad-bike, with that feeling of being at the end of the world, to tread on the saturated soil from stories of cowboys, of Indians and buffalo…And tomorrow, everything will begin again!


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