Dubai – The Raid of the Sheikhs

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A mirage…

Dubai, the land of a thousand madness, we know the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa ( 828 meters), the most ambitious architectural challenges like “The World”,  ” The Palm “, ” Dubai Marina”, ” the Universe”… created from scratch in an archipelago of islands for billionaires, not to mention the incredible hotels deploying luxury as the Burj Al Arab with its sail-shape architecture, where the rooms are offered between 1000 dollars, minimum, and 28 000 dollars per night.

Of Dubai, we all know, its Emirates airline company, with a strong annual capacity of 70 million passengers, becoming the world’s largest airline, its 40 shopping malls, a true Eldorado of the fashion victims – some more dazzling than others, debaucheries of the design, technology and of the wealth. Dubai appears, above its desire, to become the number one tourist destination in the world!

Dubai is the story of a piece of desert a crossroad between East and West, lulled by the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, which is betting on tourism and has made ​​every effort to dream a reality. With an oil money flowing stream, Dubai, the second largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates and its 2 million inhabitants, will succeed the feat to meet in the middle of what was once a camel desert and a small fishing port, which has made ​​the success of Monaco, Hong Kong and Las Vegas to become a resort destination. Dubai is a meeting that cannot leave you indifferent, a cultural and visual shock, one of the most dynamic countries in the world in constant evolution, under any challenge. And just for that, Dubai is moving!


Dubai can also provide you another face of his personality: the desert, the sand out of sight and some of the highest dunes in the world! The UAE are fond of big cars, 2 or 4 wheel quads and SSV and are not exempt from this rule. And they are powerful, efficient, sophisticated…better. On Thursday night, early weekend ritual moves in. Enthusiasts head to the dunes, near Dubai, where they can use their off-road vehicles without any restrictions and completely take charge.

Further in the direction of Abu Dhabi, the other famous Emirate, “Al MOREB Hill” is one of those magical places where dozens of fans gather together. Program, a large dune with a length of 1600 meters, 120 meters high (206 meters above sea level) and with a slope of 50° has something to test the dexterity of the sand lovers! But you can also wander at your own pace, in peace…

Once exhausted men and vehicles, not about to roll up in their sleeping bag under the stars, planted in the middle of nowhere and with the threat of a sandstorm…luxury resumes its place and a 5 star hotel, what to say, a brilliant resort with thousands of lights awaits you with pools, spas, fountains, restaurants, lush gardens…in the heart of the desert, for an unforgettable night.

This is the United Arab Emirates, this stunning cocktail which combines luxury brought to a head with its the spectacular dunes.

It is good to take pleasure at the handlebars of our own vehicles and experience the feeling of total disorientation.

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Dubai one must go at least once in their life!


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