CForce 800 – “A wise choice”

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CF Moto has allowed us to test the CForce 800 2014 model under some ideal conditions. A full report after a 200 kilometres raid in Auvergne.

Some tracks dug in by big greasy ruts, some layers of liquid mud deep as much as you like, some paved descents of a level where the handling and the grip are proven, the long paths where opening the throttle fully allows one to test the vehicle stability, some winding trails through the woods forcing them to lower the head down in order to avoid being hit. Or still, some vast marshy stretches where the quad-bike is taken for a country scooter and where it is necessary to have a good reserve of power as well as torque to spare … here’s a little overview of the terrain encountered. A hundred kilometers for a first day, swallowed at a good pace. Enough to become familiar with the CForce 800 who is the successor to the Terralander in the CF Moto range. Little change to this 2014 version, just an evolution of the engine, which benefits from the reliability efforts made ​​to the SSV of the brand (UForce and ZForce ).

Released in April 2012, the king quad of CF Moto has experienced a start-up on the hubcaps which has not abated since. It must be said that at € 9,090 (+ € 200 charges), it is 40 % cheaper than many of its competitors, and within the “prestige”. But in these lean times, when one must take the bread and butter, the consumers are being more discerning about what is essential and what is not. The heart of the success of the CForce is its engine, not a single cylinder, but a good big V Twin liquid-cooled injection Delphi . Powerful, punchy, with lots of torque, deliberate and which responds to the slightest touch of the trigger. It has some breath and it has it under the elbow. A machine that gives you more for your money in extirpating you in no matter what situation, and in most cases using only the two wheels drive. For the more edgy and adventurous, to the right hand-side, a push button allows to switch to 4×4 and, a small switch actuates the differential lock for the most extreme cases.

An excellent price – performance ratio

Generosity is a qualifier that matches well the CForce 800 and it starts with its appearance : 14-inch wheels alloy, a large luggage rack front and rear, a winch, a hook, hand guards, a front and rear boot, a socket, an empty pocket … the equipment is complete (including at the dashboard level which will not be too far from that of your own car) and reinforces the good impression of a very successful design including its color, although if this aspect is subjective. It throws, a real trap to the girls, and its volume (analyzing the figures in its technical specification), it might even prove to be a little intimidating …

Once in control, sitting or standing, you feel good, very much at ease and comfortably set up. A feeling that will be verified throughout the day during which the 100 kilometers will be swallowed without any fatigue. A real sofa! Note that the passenger seat is removable and can accommodate a safe. In the version S, there are two boxes on the sides, which complement the original offer.

Once in action, the CForce puts you quickly to joy. It takes over immediately and has no unpleasant surprises. It keeps to the floor carefree an without flinching and clears the difficulties with authority. The suspensions play the game, whatever the obstacles. It is neutral and secured to desire. Deprived of the EPS (Electric Power Steering), therefore without an electrical assistance, the direction of the CForce 800 leverages the biceps. Nothing detrimental on a hike as you deal with this trait, but in the evening, one can feel it along the arms. When making the choice and writing the check, I just wonder if it might not be better to just add 709 € and choose from the month of June the version with the EPS (which will also facilitate the resale) .

Without the EPS, maneuvering at low speeds some trial passages between the trees or the rocks coupled with the respectable weight of the beast (when put on the scale, I had the feeling to hear my wife complaining to herself just like when putting her bikini on before summer … ) requires a minimum of control. This is not a crippling defect, like braking, which is missing a little biting and power, sometimes forcing to complete their corner entries turns a little loose, with the rear wheels locked. One will adapt to this, but on this point the CForce can without doubt do better without spending thousands and hundreds.

For the rest, everything is for the best in the best of worlds. The CForce 800 offers high quality performance at a price pulled by a string. Its equipment, the power and the goodwill of its engine, the suspension efficiency, the comfort … make it a hiker-adventurer-wanderer of first level. Here it is what should still ensure some successful sales, well deserved.


Technical Specification CForce 800

€ 9,090 and € 9,799 for the EPS (power steering ) Version + € 200 transport and start-up.

Engine: Twin cylinder V 90°, 4 Stroke , liquid cooled , 4 valves per cylinder.

Displacement: 799 cm3 9

Power: 62 hp at 6700 rev/min

Torque: 72 Nm at 6300 r /min

Injection: Delphi E.F.I

Starter : Electric

Transmission: Automatic drive , short range , long , reverse , parking

Power steering : No, but yes on the EPS version (+ € 709)

Front differential : Yes, manual

Transmission : 4×2 , 4×4 disengaged

Suspension: Independent , double bunk cast aluminum front and rear triangles. Adjustable shock preload, rebound and compression

Brakes : Dual front disc, rear single disc, hydraulically operated .

Wheels: 26×11 -14 front and 26×11 -14 AT AR

Tank: 23 liters

Dry Weight ( manufacturer): 387 kg

Lxwxh: 2320 x 1180 x 1360 mm

Wheelbase: 1480 mm

Ground clearance : 275 mm

Color: Pearl White and orange metal.

Homologation: 2 places

Warranty: 2 years parts, 1 year labor



Look very successful , complete equipment, engine punch , efficient suspensions , comfort, value – performance.


Weight, missing biting and braking power, steering and handling for improvement (except the EPS version) .


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