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It is in the unique environment of the reputable grounds of Chateau De Lastours, south of Narbonne, that Kymco presents its new range “Essential” and the two SSV: the UXV 700i Sport and the “surprise” UXV 450i . One other “novelty” of these two days of testing is the 450i Maxxer which changes into a 4×2 version and loses some kilograms.

No frills, just the basics …

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This new range “Essential” in red color, relying on the solid and modern foundation of vehicles of the latest generation built around the injected engines of the 550 and the 700 cc … They are therefore not real novelties but more a response to the market circumstances facing a difficult economic period. For the demand of the more price concerned clients, the range ignores the decorative accessories, preferring a saving on the purchase of several hundred euros while maintaining the performance of the EX versions. The MXU range are therefore without too many surprises in their behavior which remains very acceptable with always a point of improvement for the front axle which requires some driving adaptation when the pace goes up.


MXU 550i : € 7,590

MXU 700i : € 8,390

Availability: Immediate


UXV 700i, welcome to the rear differential !

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The Essential range also includes the 700i UXV with a important innovation (which also is found on the 450i UXV) namely a rear differential! An essential tool for facilitating difficult maneuvering and for limiting the skidding on soft grounds, the arrival of this first class element makes the whole of this vehicle coherent and comfortable, with some interesting loading capacities and very effective in the clearances. A nice tool that is primarily intended for the professionals…

Price UXV 700i : € 10,790

Availability: Immediate


UXV 700i Sport, between work and Sunday clothes …

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If the MXU 550i and the 700i receive a face lift compared to the EX, the UXV 700i Sport, does the opposite and gains value ​​compared to the more “utility” version UXV 700i with a set of equipment giving it a little sporty air. It is fitted with special rims and tires, a roll bar reworked in both its form and color, redesigned seats, a matt black paint and a few tricks that will enhance a little more the Sunday hike users. On the other hand, make no mistake this machine is identical in its databases to the Essential version, even if the dampers are of different colour, everything from the mechanical components to the frame (excluding the wheels ) are identical. It benefits obviously of a  new rear differential. This SSV can therefore claim, with front and rear blocks on demand, to be a true 4 wheels drive. The interest  on this version is to continue proposing an alternative increasing its versatility for a few hundred euros more. You will have therefore a “working” and “present” UXV good enough not to be just used for an “agricultural use” during your rides with friends and after finishing work. We will return to this in a short time with a “contact” test…

Price UXV 700i Sport: € 11,690

Availability: Immediate


UXV 450i, small and sturdy …

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Here it is finally, the new 450i UXV originally developed for the U.S.. A very compact SSV truly designed to fit on the rear of a pick-up, it will be with us for an effective response to those who must work in confined spaces, such as wine growers for example . Some particular work, and very welcomed, was performed on the overall design which is now more friendly. The engine used is that of the 450 Maxxer well known and lively, and the chassis is completely new. Simple, effective, powerful for its ultra-compact size, it is a worker made to sneak into corners where others would not go! It also benefits from the new rear differential, the connoisseurs will appreciate it, I think especially the wine growers… It will undoubtedly, for its performance, its modern injected engine technology, its general line and above all its price, give the same effect of a ” itching skin ” when put face to face with its direct competitor the Polaris Ranger 400 …

Price 450i UXV: € 9,590

Availability: mid June


Maxxer 450i SE, gets harder !

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Back to the quads. Losing its axle, the Maxxer 450i displays an interesting personality in reviving probably a little more what is an enduro quad… Forget the 4×4, and more than fifteen kilograms disappear, a good part from the front, but also the arrival of four real shocks, certainly a little race short (geometry construction requiring) but offering interesting performances especially on a machine of this level range. They provide opportunities for real settings and efficiency that I tested on the rocky slopes of the Corbières. A much lighter direction, to the point of hindering the too accustomed riders who force on their forearms, the 450i is Maxxer is controlled lightly (do not get carried away either…), shows good cohesion from its groups dampers, giving you with some comfort even at high speeds and taking advantage of the alive motor/ group drive and well balanced. An interesting vehicle for anyone looking for increase his driving skills and wanting “to fight” with friends within reason, plus a good clearance capacity. The only slight black point is its braking system because all the levers and pedals are centralized on the 4 wheels…. A little poor for a “small” sport / enduro. However, it should be noted that the version I had available during the two-day test, was a pre-production, and that this is the Kymco team strength to listen to any comments, and in some cases provide useful changes to the machines before they arrive to their retailers, to be continued…

Price Maxxer 450i :

€ 5,999 introductory price for the first 50 units

Normal price € 6290

Availability: mid June


© photos: Thierry Honorat

Kymco goes essential … by with the collaboration of Xavier Rouchouse