A “thriller” World Championship !

Post By QUADSSVMAG.com Published on the 19/05/2014


Seven was a great movie of the world cinema, the Sardegna Rally Race ” Seven Edition” will be a “thriller” World Championship. You can feel it already …

Of course, Marc Coma has already launched its gauntlet, calling his opponents in Sardinia for the big challenge. From the 7th to the 12th June 2014 .

At the end of a not very exciting Qatar Rally, Marc Coma, announced that his objective for 2014, the world title. There were few competitors in Qatar and it was like a game of Russian roulette. But is not like this that the Spanish world champion likes to play.

It is no coincidence, it was said. Usually the participation of a champion to the World Championship Rally calendar is a matter of a last minute. You go or not go , it is normally decided at the last moment on the basis of the circumstances and of the opportunities that accrue along the way. Not so in Sardinia , where have participated, for the last seven years , all the great champions of this discipline. It is so from six editions, and it is already clear that it will also be so for the seventh . The challenge is the Sardegna Rally Race, “SRR Seven”. On the enchanted island in the Mediterranean, the appointment of the “big” is precise and detailed. It is not by accident, we say it again, if Marc Coma , the most complete World title holder, has decided to ” poke ” his opponents by calling them on the most difficult terrain of the whole World Championship. And the challenge has been taken .

Yamaha, after the passage of Despres to racing cars, will unveil the new arrangement of their Official team in Sardinia. The same Cyril Despres called to reassure the organisers and fans that he might race in Sardinia on a motorbike, it very much depends on his calendar of testing with the new Peugeot. On the other side, Team HRC takes up the challenge of Coma and sends its “army” in Sardinia. Helder Rodrigues and of course World Champion Paulo Gonçalves.  Joan Barreda has not yet “position” himself, but the fact is that he is now leading the overall standings after Qatar,  makes us think what follows… To the Official teams of KTM, Honda and Yamaha are added Beta and Husqvarna which returns this year with Alexander Botturi as top rider.

And behind these champions a long trail of international riders. From Japan, Russia and a high number from France. And then from England, Poland and Bulgaria. The usual strong riders from the Spanish School and their historical opponents, the Portuguese. Not to forget the “Flying Dutchman” and the “acrobats” from the Middle East .

Competitors also from South America. In a situation in which the South American Dakar split the world into two. But there are still riders who love the “right” rallies and will not give up the transcontinental trip to Sardinia. The Sardegna Rally Race has always been an international event, THE World Rally that makes you dream. And which it intimidates ?


A “thriller” World Championship ! by QUADSSVMAG.com