Tibet : we rode on top of the world

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Placing the wheels of a quad in Tibet is the ultimate adventure as much as a moment of grace. This almost impossible dream was allowed to us by the Mao Xian trip organized by Goes. Welcome to the land of the Gods …

Tell your friends that you go to Tibet and you will see their eyes light up. Tibet is the Holy Grail, a destination that everyone dreams, but that seems out of reach and a bit complicated… No region can bring you closer to the sky, and to a paradise for the gentle ones, from a spiritual and geographical perspective. And when our plane landed in Lhasa, the capital of the kingdom of Tibet, at 3650 meters, after a stop in Shanghai, we take the full measure of the Himalayas. Being defined literally as “The abode of snow”, the Himalayas stretch over 2,400 kilometres long and between 250 and 400 kilometres wide. No less than 14 peaks over 8000 meters including, of course, the Everest, the roof of the world. As Michel Audiard said “it’s brutal !” This is what it feels like after 30 hours of travel, when the troop of a dozen people was formed to launch an assault, of 5 days, on the Tibetan tracks.

The trip of a lifetime

With a start at 3650 meters and an ambition (achieved) crossing a pass at 5300 meters, the tone is set : Goes aims high. And praises the god “Injection” to have equipped our Goes quads to ride up without wincing in a land where few tourists venture, even much less quad-bikes, for the simple pleasure of riding a very enjoyable vehicle. The DNA of Mao Xiang as seen by Ghislain Guiot, his spiritual father, is just to push the boundaries of the riders and their vehicles through some unusual raids which will  mark forever our minds. If pleasure is around every corner, with a view of the snowy peaks in sight, the raid will also be used to test the performance and the endurance of the Goes 725 which we are riding and on which we have found no problems with. There is not only racing in order to validate the strength of a vehicle… For the record, it took 10 days on the road for our Chinese friends to convey in trucks, our quad-bikes to Lhasa .

Riding in Tibet is facing the elevation, which necessarily affects the body and the mind. One must therefore measure his or her efforts, and not get too excited, but save the energy as the saying goes: “Who wants to go far (to the top) steady wins the race.” Driving in Tibet is facing steep and rocky paths, clinging to the mountain. Dunes over 4000 meters and lakes are also in the same program, what to add to our wonder? Driving in Tibet is to meet the incredible kindness and hospitality of the Tibetan people: a smile, a helping hand, a lot of mutual curiosity… Despite the language barrier, our communication works and with the quads it seems the best way to do this. Several stops in the heart of villages have enabled us to deliver some fantastic rides which the local inhabitants will probably speak about for a very long time.

Riding in Tibet is the actual impression of surfing on the roof of the world and the vision of a peak over 7000 meters gives you the feeling of living a very rare and therefore precious moment. Riding in Tibet is about to be humble in the face of nature first of all, facing the pervasive spirituality and the quad, with its almost invisible footprint, its friendly face fits perfectly into the landscape of another time. In the fields along our trails, the yaks are still often used for farming work when they do not graze, free in the huge pastures …

Riding in Tibet is the greatest gift that your quad-bike can give you in terms of strong emotions. What sweet dreams for the long journey that will take us back to France…


© photos Camelia Liparoti and Potman

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