Alpinestars Tech 10: under high protection !

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Succeeding to the Tech 8, the Tech 10 had to push even further the concept of maximum protection which is dear to Alpinestars, a company created in 1963! Tech 10 is the boot of Ryan Villopoto, the current “killer” of the U.S. motocross scene. And what is good for “Villo” cannot be bad for us ordinary Sunday riders!

Tech 10 is a monster of technology, carefully studied by the R & D center of Alpinestars. It uses no less than 5 different mixtures of materials to combine protection, flexibility, waterproofing, ventilation, comfort … a specification almost impossible to achieve on paper but which the Italian manufacturer is however able to perform masterfully.

Tech 10 is both comfortable thanks to its articulated inner liners which protect the foot while keeping warm and can absorb the worst shocks without the foot feeling the effects through thanks to protections carefully distributed on the entire boot.

Beyond the “simple” protection, the boot is designed to prevent twisting (anti-elongation system). It is important the day you put the boot on the foot and where you find yourself stranded on to your quad.

When in use, the 3 fasteners with aluminium buckles are simple and effective to use, and allow to adjust precisely the boot to your foot (those with big calves will enjoy it …). Note that inserts soles (30 € per pair) will enable the replacement of worn parts.

At the time of review, this boot that wants the ultimate of its kind, sold at a premium price, keeps its promises. We expected no less from Alpinestars!



Design, ergonomics, comfort, protection, anti-torsion system.


Price a little high for occasional riders


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