Finland: a breath of fresh air!

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For a change of air and to refuel sensations, focus on Finland, we therefore responded to the invitation of Seikkailu Kuoppio Adventure. My friend Arto Jauhianen warned me: “it will be sporting”. And it was!

Usually, for a change of scenery, I fly to the South. Sun, desert, arid and fast tracks, dusty, brittle, treacherous, exhausting … Once is not custom, I therefore took a warm sweater in my luggage. We are in July, but I think that the nights could be cold … almost a way to prepare myself psychologically for what is waiting for me.

In winter, the average temperature in Helsinki (2 347 km of Paris), the capital of Finland, is – 6 °, but in history it has been registered down to -30 ° … Today, in the middle of the summer, it’s hot, 14 degrees. I barely have time to get out of the airport that I am on the road to Kuopio, the eighth largest city in Finland, surrounded by the big lake Kallavesi at the Central East of the country. On the menu: 380 km of roads before entering the base camp Seikkailu Kuoppio Adventure. A magical place where it is possible to multiply the activities as much as the emotions.

Interlacing lakes

With 15 inhabitants per square kilometre, Finland, with 5, 3 million people, has one of the lowest density of the planet, in other words we can really express ourselves riding a quad-bike and also without disturbing the neighbours. Another source of interest, the boreal forest which covers nearly 70% of the territory and especially, keep it to yourself please, 187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands (we did not say they were all very large … ) which, like a puzzle compose Finland into a country like no other. Finland is also distinguished by a world record (Legatum Prosperity study) for its economic performance and quality of life. That only adds to the interest of this country and to the delight of the fans of snowmobile during the  winter with its thousands of kilometres of marked trails.

Sport is in the DNA of the Finnish in addition to a very large interest in motorsports. If Rosberg, Hakkinen and now Raikkonen carry high the flag of this country in F1, it is in the car rally that the Finnish footprint is strongest. Each time by its great range of champions (Mikkola, Vatanen, Kankkunen, Grönholm, Latvala), but also through the test of the World Rally Championship, baptized, rightly so, between 1954 and 1993, “the Rally of the 1000 Lakes” before that its marketing department assigned a more commercial name. Today, I fully take the measure of this this specific feature.

For my first steps on the Finnish land, I will surf between lakes and forests, once riding a sea jet-scooter (a Yamaha or See-Doo), to suddenly riding a quad Kymco 250. Seikkailu Kuoppio Adventure fully exploits a unique nature which multiplies the pleasures of gun shooting in a photo safari moving through an orienteering stage and to anything that moves, with or without motor. In my case, it will be with! After a few laps at the wheel of an Audi Quattro, a few sessions of calls just to take the measure of this rally land, it is a true initiatory baptism riding my quad with which I began exploring the forests of Northern Savonia, with the deserved curiosity . The scenery is outstanding. The feeling of riding to the infinity without meeting a soul is disconcerting and the succession of lakes and islands is a delight. I have the same sense of wonder riding my jet with alternate walking and riding sessions initiated using boat swirls in order to get fit. On one lake to another, a system of locks allows covering aquatic kilometers and we will go over a good hundred miles during an unforgettable day.

Seikkailu Kuoppio Adventure and Arto, my guide have made ​​me share the lifestyle of the Finns, with all that is its charm, as mobile sauna (whose name means Finnish oven) which is transported inside a bag and allows a comforting break after exercise. The welcome of the Finns is very warm, as well as the comfortable wooden chalet where we are staying, and the feeling of disorientation is complete. Five days were enough to completely disconnect, and having fun on the water and on land, at our own pace and at our leisure. Finland, a dazzling destination!


© photos Camelia Liparoti

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