QUADSSVMAG.COM is a summary of what gives a meaning to the life Camelia Liparoti. For a decade, she has traveled extensively the world and she has had a chance to make some fantastic meetings and this is all the wealth she wishes to share. “Travelling is meaningful only if we can encourage others to experience the same, so as to give them tips, to show them the beautiful trails, to take them to magical places…” says Camelia.

“This website is in no way comparable to others. It has a very strong identity through iconography, photos and videos, very neatly. It talks about travelling, adventures, discoveries, excursions, competitions, too, in small doses, with the Dakar climax. Necessarily, the quad and SSV vehicles are honored and we aim to guide their loyal fans to make the right choices, discover the news, learn about their mechanics and precisely determine their best use. This website is a meeting point and a place to share for the lovers of quads and of the SSV’s who want to dream and do discover our  the Planet and QUADSSVMAG.COM will serve them in order to show them the right path”

The Team of QUADSSVMAG.com